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Shinya Oishi and colleagues have demonstrated that the kisspeptin peptides bound with neuropeptide FF receptors (GPR147 and GPR74). The work has been done by the collaboration with Prof. Maeda and Tsukamura' group (Nagoya University) and has clear implications on understanding in vivo effects of kisspeptin. has the paper (please note this paper is not on pubmed).

A study from the Imperial College in London have studied the effects of repeated administration of kisspeptin in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea and infertility. Dr.Waljit Dhillo has kindly sent us the pre-print version of his manuscript published in JCEM.


Kisspeptin, a hypothalamic (brain) hormone, regulates reproduction. This website promotes professional networking in the field and helps translate sciences to simple English for the wider public. Our knowledgebase on Kisspeptin, the KissWiki has an uptodate 'live' review of kisspeptin biology!